SECURITY guard Jonathan Sanchez “carefully planned and carried out” the shooting of lawyer Goering George “Jing” Paderanga, Sr. and his son, lawyer Gerik Ceasare, last Dec.22.

That is according to lawyer Goering George Paderanga Jr., son of the late lawyer Goering Sr., who filed the murder complaint against Sanchez before the Office of the Cebu City Prosecutor last Dec.28.

Goering Jr. is the brother of Gerik, who passed away at Cebu Velez General Hospital before midnight of Dec.25.

Gerik, 37, succumbed to a gunshot wound in the nape barely three days after Sanchez shot him and his father Goering, 62, outside their law firm on F. Ramos St.

Goering Sr., who died on the spot after getting shot thrice, was the husband of Judge Sylva Paderanga of the Regional Trial Court Branch 16.

Police arrested Sanchez in his parents’ house in Barangay Talamban, Cebu City last Dec. 23.

Sanchez, who did not resist when police arrived, admitted shooting the Paderangas because he was angry at them for blocking a cement mixer from entering the construction site he used to guard.


In his complaint-affidavit, lawyer Goering Jr. said that he, his brother, Gerick, and father returned to their law office because their father had to print some documents.

Goering Sr. drove alone in his vehicle, while his two sons, Gerik’s wife, Sarah, and another sibling, Georgeane, boarded a separate vehicle.

Goering Jr. said that his father went ahead inside their law office and typed some documents inside his office.

Goering Jr. said he went inside the toilet. When he went out, he saw his father stumbling towards him, bloodied and fell on the ground.

His sister and their office staff rushed to aid their father.

When he tried to carry his father to the vehicle, Goering Jr. said he noticed his brother Gerik, who was seated in the driver’s seat, no longer moving.

Goering Jr. said they rushed their father and brother to the hospital.

He returned to their law office and locked the door.

Goering Jr. also called up their other family members and sought for police assistance.

While waiting for the police to arrive, Goering Jr. said their company workers informed him that Sanchez is the assailant.

He attached in his complaint-affidavit the affidavits of their two workers who identified Sanchez as the gunman.


Goering Jr. said the attack on his father and brother was carried out “with treachery and with evident premeditation.”

“(Jonathan) Sanchez applied trachery as the shooting was very sudden and unprovoked. There was no confrontation between my father and Sanchez,” said Goering Jr.

“The manner and place of shooting show evident premeditation. This Jonathan Sanchez waited for my family to return to the law office and he then surreptitiously shot my brother, Gerik, at close range, and waited for my father to come out of the law office to shoot him. It is very clear that this Jonathan Sanchez carefully planned and carried out the shooting and killing of lawyer Goering George Paderanga Sr. and Attorney Gerik Caesare C. Paderanga,” he added.