CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- "Heroism is not about dying for others but living for the welfare of majority."

This was how the great grandson of Dr. Jose Rizal, Ernesto Lising, Jr. defined heroism in the concept of the modern world.

Lising, great grandson of Rizal's cousin Monico Mercado, is one of the representatives of the family of the national hero whose 120th death anniversary was commemorated yesterday at the Heroes Park here.

In his speech, Lising said that being a hero is not just losing one's self for others but to live to serve the needs of the people and the nation.

"It has been painted in our minds that heroism is about dying for our countrymen and our motherland just like what Dr. Jose Rizal and other heroes did but we can also be more of heroes and spend our lives meaningfully while we live," he said.

However, Lising noted that being a hero does not mean that we will live and just do what we are asked to do but rather extend ourselves and do more extraordinary things for the benefit of others.

"Our national heroes died for our country and for our future. For us to experience that freedom that we have today, we can reciprocate that by sharing ourselves to others in any means, may it be public service in governance or as private citizens," he added.

He also urged Filipinos, especially Kapampangans, to not forget the sacrifices of our heroes who died fighting for our freedom by ensuring that it will also be experienced by future generations.

Meanwhile, Lising expressed gratitude to the city government here and the national government for remembering the life and sacrifices of their great grandfather.

"Our family will always be grateful for the efforts of the government to commemorate the life of Dr. Jose Rizal," he said.