HAPPY New Year!

Aspirations, we all have a list for ourselves and for family, but what is it do we wish for the city we live in?

Here are 10 individuals from the different sectors of the Davao landscape who shared their thoughts when asked, “In your field, what is it you want to see/happen in Davao this 2017?”

Education. Joji Ilagan-Bian, chairperson, Joji Ilagan International Schools.

“Wishing that our education should adapt the philosophy that the world is our classroom since our students need to be trained for global citizenship. And that more exciting ideas like blended and technology-based learning will be adapted.”

Film. Rudolph Alama, Festival Director 12th Mindanao Film Festival.

“I wish for more award-winning regional films from Davao and Mindanao. Also, that a feature-length from Davao will be part of the Magic 8 in the Metro Manila Film Festival. This 2016 MMFF, there is a short film set [at] the Roxas Night Market so sana sa 2017 MMFF.”

Health. Jeff Fuentes, City Population Officer, City Health Office.

“I wish that the city can put up a special clinic/center that will focus only in providing all range of family planning commodities and services, including counseling. So that every woman and man who wants it can access it without having to queue and comply excessive clearances.”

Fashion. Otoy Mercado, stylist & make-up artist.

“Although Davao fashion has evolved so much, it would be nice to see new and original, well thought of pieces and executed with proper fabric manipulation.”

Hospitality. Dottie Wurgler-Cronin, General Manager, Marco Polo Davao.

“(I wish) that our economic agenda for the New Year shall materialize and pave for higher growth in tourism, which can provide employment to our new graduates and unemployed.”

Tourism. Wanda Teo, Secretary, Department of Tourism.

“I want more tourist arrivals for Davao. I want the travel advisories for Davao lifted because this is what’s hindering the tourists from coming in.”

Visual Arts. Kublai Millan, painter and sculptor.

“I want to see sidewalks with trees, with street food, with street art, and art parks; and a giant Mindanao museum for contemporary art!”

Cuisine. Kenneth Ong, foodie and writer.

“I wish to see a more diverse offering be eat casual dining or chef-driven establishments; and more food choices from affordable to luxury dining.”

Sports. Charles Maxey, commissioner, Philippine Sports Commission.

“As a government sports official, I would like to see a more vibrant sporting community in Davao in 2017. I would like to see more events for Davao especially on children and our indigenous peoples.”

Business. Gene Bangayan, businesswoman, Holiday Group of Companies.

“I want to see more investments in infrastructure and manufacturing, opening more job opportunities for our rich resource of talented people. Correspondingly, there should be improvement and/or upgrading of utilities such as power, transportation and connectivity/accessibility from Davao to all the islands of the Philippines and to the world.”

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