HAPPY new year friends!

I hope your New Year celebrations were harm-free and all your (and your family’s) digits are still intact.

Kidding aside, ’tis the season for “goodbye 2016” and “hello 2017” and a healthy dose of “resolutions” in between. Resolutions that are, as a friend of mine said in his Facebook post, "the goals of our 2016 were to accomplish the goals of 2015 which we should have done in 2014 because we made a promise in 2013 and planned it in 2012, yet somehow it happened or it didn't happen."

Any which way you’d wanna go, I’m sure you’d want to somehow clean up your social media feed and start fresh for this year.

You’re in luck! I found an article to get your started with your social media deep clean. And, perhaps, after that deep clean, your very own social media detox.

"Deleting an account and starting a new one is not always a great option, especially if you’ve built up a following or network. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to do a social media cleanse of existing accounts." I’m inclined to agree and this will involve a few tools to use. Read more about it through this link. And when you’re doing it, do it slow. Don’t rush through. It’s not because it’s easy but more like it’s going to be satisfying. Therapeutic.

And when you’re done with your deep clean, go straight to detox. The things to do are just a few but are quite the practical ones. And if you commit to it, it will be most liberating. Just watch out for withdrawal symptoms, yeah?

Anyway, go to this article and read through the suggested social media detox plan.

Finally, when you’re done with both, you can now dance to the best dance music tunes of 2016! Yey!

Click through to see the Reddit’s top dance tracks of 2016!

Happy new year again everybody! May your 2017 be bigger, better, more blessed, more loving!