THE Land Transportation Office (LTO)-Bacolod has collected a total of P2,752,000 from 2,325 motorists caught violating the city’s traffic regulations during the first quarter of 2015.

The highest number of violators came from drivers of private vehicles, while public utility drivers ranked second, according to LTO enforcement unit head Elmar Defensor in a radio interview.

Defensor said 427 drivers were caught driving without bringing their vehicle’s registration. Some 312 were apprehended for driving without putting on their seatbelts, and 83 were driving with defective vehicle accessories like lighting.

Some 63 drivers, meanwhile, were apprehended for parking their vehicles in restricted areas, while 15 were caught driving unregistered vehicles.

Defensor said this year’s collection is higher compared to that of the same period in 2014. He, however, did not give details.

LTO is apprehending erring motorists not because the department wants to increase its collection, Defensor stressed. It only assures the public that all motorists are following the traffic rules.