BANAGO village chief Arnel Benjamin said he is willing to face in a public hearing a resident who filed an administrative complaint against him before the Office of the Ombudsman in the Visayas.

Benjamin said he can disprove the claims of Arrah Mae Gordevilla in a public hearing to be conducted by the city council.

"I want to clear my side and I will bring my own witnesses to prove my innocence," Benjamin said.

Gordevilla filed an administrative complaint against Benjamin last Wednesday for grave threat, slight physical injuries, grave abuse of authority and oppression.

The complaint was forwarded to the City Council.

The Ombudsman has furnished Vice Mayor Greg Gasataya a copy of the complaint.

Gordevilla alleged Benjamin injured her when she tried to pacify the barangay captain and her own live-in partner during a commotion on January 26, 2014 in Purok, Bayanihan, Barangay Banago.

But Benjamin denied the allegations saying he was not able to enter the residence of Gordevilla and her partner.

Meanwhile, Gasataya said if a complaint is filed against a barangay official, this is forwarded by the Ombudsman to the city council that has jurisdiction over these cases.

This is not the first case they have received. There were several other cases that had been filed against barangay officials just these past few months, he said.

These complaints will be referred to the City Council Committee on Laws that will summon both the complainant and the respondent for a hearing, and whatever the recommendation of the committee will be submitted to the council, Gasataya said.

The city council has the power to investigate complaints against barangay officials. It is also the council that will come up with a decision on the matter, he said.

Gasataya said both parties will be sent notices to attend an investigation to be conducted by the committee.