IT’S that time when you wish the people who made the news in 2016 to make it good this time in 2017.

President Rodrigo Duterte - The first 100 days was something, change was happening. But things slowed down. So did traffic. Oil prices climbed up. Marcos and de Lima dragged you down. You cuss, you get pissed, you hate drugs. But you can't be angry all the time.

We wish you cuss less, and also talk less. So less talk, make less mistakes, and less misquotes.

Inspire us with your guts. Fight for the change you promised. You're still the man.

The war on drugs - Stop it. Drugs are not the only problem. There may be 700,000 people who surrendered, but there are millions more dying from hunger and government abuses. The real war is against corruption, oligarchy and poverty.

Vice President Leni Robredo - Like all the vice presidents in our history, you're stuck as the odd one out. So if you're out, what's next? If you want to be the opposition, do it beyond the photo-ops and small group talks. To oppose is to engage. And you're better without the Yellow.

Congress - Is there anything you can do beside the hearings that simply revealed secrets of a driver-lover-courier and hired guns? Please, your honors, don't waste our taxes. Make laws to help us secure jobs, secure farms, promote true peace and development, stop US dependence, and subsidize education and public hospitals.

Senator Leila de Lima - We can't take it anymore. The screaming. The walkouts. The feeling that you're every woman but you're not. Your war ended before it even started. Consider an exit plan.

Senator Manny Pacquiao - Boxing or Senate? Maybe God has the answer.

Martin Andanar - Hyperbole is your boss’ forte, not yours. Please make us understand what the president said. Do it simply. No creative imagination needed, and no bashing of critics as temperamental brats.

Judy Taguiwalo - A friend noticed that corporate media is no longer calling out for donations during typhoons. It's because the Department of Social Welfare and Development is finally doing its job to be there and help the people in provinces.

No dole outs, no rotting food in warehouses, no politics, just services. Keep up your work Ma'am Judy.

Gina Lopez - Keep on fighting the mining corporations. You're the real defender of the lumads' land, and not that Diwata from North Cotabato.

General Bato - Less tears. More action. Legit ones of course. You're Bato. The Rock. You're the Calvary.

Indie filmfests - May we see more of them this year, and more moviegoers to watch and support them too, and kiss Vice Ganda and Enteng Kabisote goodbye.

Davao City - Please get the roads and drainage fixed soon. We can't bear the traffic and floods.

Cyber Trolls - Whether you're “yellow,” Davao Death Squad (DDS), or Marcos loyalist, quit Facebook and try to win a live debate, one-on-one, kahit open book pa (even open book) to verify your facts. Consider getting a real job too.

Mocha Uson - May you lead 4 million DDS to think critically and act patriotically. Again, quit Facebook and act.

The Left - Peace talks. Agrarian Reform. Endo. Lumad rights. #NeverForget. You made it clear the things worth dying and fighting for. Padayon (Continue).

Alternative media - Radyo ni Juan. Kilab. Kodao. The Breakaway. It's your time with your real time coverage of events from the Kidapawan barricade to the peace talks to the December 26 events. May your tribe increase. Take us there again this year.

Millennials - You showed you care when you fought against historical amnesia and revisionism. Keep finding your place in this world. Question everything. Be the change.