CEBU Gov. Hilario Davide III yesterday said that the proposal to cut off communication systems through a signal jammer to prevent terrorist bombing by remote control needs a thorough study.

Davide said communication is important so that cutting it off will hinder information dissemination during a big event like Sinulog.

The police reported that bombs that killed several people and injured several others in some parts of the country were exploded by terrorists through mobile phones.

Thus came the proposal even from the organizers of the Black Nazareno fiesta in Quiapo, Manila on Jan. 9 to cut off telecommunication lines and ban drones from flying over crowds.

But Davide said even the Philippine National Police (PNP), the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and other law enforcement and security groups need to communicate with each other especially in sharing intelligence reports.

He said that in any big event that attracts huge crowds, the people and the authorities must be vigilant.

Maintaining peace and order and preventing any attempt to terrorize an event is everybody’s business, the governor said.

He cited the recent case in Hilongos when a bomb exploded in a large crowd that attended a boxing event as part of the town’s fiesta celebration. Had the people or the authorities been vigilant, bombing could have been prevented.

He said he read in the news that Miss Universe contestants will join the Sinulog.

With that, Davide said there is a need for critical communication for the PNP and AFP to secure the people.