THE Malaysian Technical Corporation Program (MTCP) targets to help more Mindanawon students for 2017, Malaysian acting consul general Mohon Jafri Bin Mohd Sharif said.

In the weekly presscon at Hapi at Kape last Wednesday January 4, Sharif shared that on July 11 to 22 last year, about 40 students were given the opportunity to attend a 12-day short course program by MTCP.

Twenty students were taught automotive works and another 20 students were enrolled under a culinary short course. The program was held in Tagum City.

The participants were recommended by the local government units (LGU).

With the help of these LGUs, information was circulated about MTCP and students enlisted for the courses.

After filling out the registration forms, the students underwent screening process to qualify for the said courses.

Sharif said this program is still under the Association of Southeast Asian Nation (Asean) partnership projects.

The MTCP had previously been held in other parts of the Philippines but Sharif hopes that for 2017, the program would focus more on the Mindanawon students.

“We would like to share our knowledge and skills to them for the spirit of Asean,” said the acting consul general.