HAPPY New Year! The last few weeks have been extremely busy for many of us, beating the holidays for deadlines at work and/or lots of parties to go to. I still went to work aside from the public holidays, but I was so thankful for some much-needed R&R on the long weekends, including getting a facial treatment. It’s been ages since I had one, so thanks to Manny & Pie Calayan Clinic, I crossed over to the new year with super clean and cared-for skin.

I was invited to try the Deep Cleansing Facial with Organic Mask treatment at the newly opened Manny & Pie Calayan Clinic in SM Seaside. I knew I was in for a treat the moment I settled onto the treatment bed in a low-lit room. I’ve never been on one in a skin care center that was this comfortable. It’s more comfortable than some real beds I’ve slept on!

The treatment starts with two runs of cleansing milk to remove makeup and dirt. A steamer is running gently on your face over this whole process: massaging on cleansing milk, wiping it off, and repeat. Doing this helps soften the skin and opens up the pores for easier extraction later. These first couple of steps are done with a facial massager and a face brush run in circular motions; great for circulation and relaxation.

Next comes the real work. Many people fear the extraction part of a facial, and it could be quite painful if your therapist uses a heavy hand. Fortunately, my therapist Dale knew the perfect amount of pressure to apply on each area of the face from start to finish. Extraction is never exactly rainbows and butterflies, but Dale made it as painless as possible. I did not have any blackheads, but I did have some white heads near my hairline and around the nose. White heads for someone who does up to nine steps a night for skin care! This made me realize that a facial is really necessary every so often, even if you are religious about your routine.

After, an antibacterial toner is applied, which may sting a little bit but is necessary after your skin has undergone extraction.

With clean skin and pores, the organic mask is now able to penetrate more deeply. It’s a secret concoction of Dr. Pie’s, so all we can say is it’s a dry powder-type mask (not a sheet or wet clay) infused with tea tree to further cleanse the skin and ease redness. This is left on for about 15 minutes before it is wiped off with a cotton pad.

The treatment ends with a light serum to soothe and moisturizer the skin. The treatment takes 45 minutes to an hour; time that you’ll find ends too soon because you’ve become so relaxed you’re ready to sleep.

Unlike other facials, this one is gentle and will not leave your face raw or painful. It is suitable for all skin types and skin conditions, though options for other masks are available for mature or acned skin. More than a week after the facial, my skin still felt softer and smoother than usual, as compared to some treatments whose effects seem to disappear the next time you wash your face! The Deep Cleansing Facial is currently available on a package of two sessions, with no expiry for the second session.