THE last 12 months yielded highs and lows that have set the tone for 2017. It may not be all doom and gloom but these make us look back on how we have been spending the year.

Now that we have unlocked the year of the rooster, many people are indulging in re-evaluating some of their life choices. We call it New Year’s Resolution, a tradition for anyone who promised to do an act of self-improvement when the new year arrives. Each of us has our own personal dreams which we singly focused on bringing them to life.

These are our hopes, dreams, and aspirations that we want to happen. We believe that we are the ones who decide for our future. The New Year’s resolution is also the perfect opportunity for us to make a change to things that we have failed to do the previous year. It is the time to make some long-term changes in our life.

We used to say, we should stop doing this, and stop doing that. We have lots of do’s and don’ts to make it through in the next 365 days. Some of us would say that they have made loads of resolution last year but abandoned them midway – this can never be a problem. If it is worth the second shot, then give it another chance. Because, regardless of what resolutions you’ve promised to do, it all falls to one purpose – the goal to improve life in the coming year.

All the trials and challenges that we have been in 2016 are those that shape us to a person with a mission in life. We become in tune with our personal dreams in life. We should unlock all the doors around our visions and make them happen.

Here are some of the things that might be one of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2017:

1. To quit smoking.

2. To lose weight.

3. To travel more.

4. To quit drinking.

5. To find a girlfriend or boyfriend.

6. To start a savings account.

7. To buy or sell a house.

8. To spend more or less time on social media.

9. To get out of debt.

10. To Stop being lazy.

11. To move on from failed relationships.

12. To finally stop calling my ex.

13. To write more.

14. To get more sleep.

15. To be the best version of my very own self.

Now, let’s all make that change. Let us all sieve out the unimportant and focus on what matters. Here is the truth. Some of us have no clues on what we are going to do with our lives. We only know that we are going to figure out what is important and what more can we add in order to have a meaningful life. Together, let’s make our hopes, dreams and aspirations happen.

This year, the year of the Fire Rooster, is going to be another wild ride.