WELCOME 2017! Year 2016 came and passed quickly. Time flies when one enjoy what he does.

The beginning of the year is the best time to reflect. An individual looks back to his goals and dreams to check if he met them. The New Year allows each one to set new goals or improve past intentions. It is the best time to plan and dream. Dreams are free. No dreams are small or big but one needs to be realistic.

A person knows himself best. You know what you want and need. Write them down. You know who you are. You know your strengths and things to improve on (this can be one of your goals). Make your dream, own the dream, believe in yourself and you can do it! How can we meet our goals?

Staying positive helps. It will lessen the stress. It also means looking at the bright side. It is accepting that life has ups and downs. It will be your choice if you want them up and down. It also means that you see the good things in everyone. Yes, sometimes it's hard to see that but if you look real hard, you will find a nice trait about someone. Be kind always. Never judge a person. We do not know his story.

On the other hand, negative feelings and thoughts bring you down. It might make you sick. You see the bad in everything. It can be tiring.

Here are some tips to stay positive:

S - Share your thoughts and feelings

T - Treat yourself

A - Accept things you cannot change

Y - Yield when needed

P - Pray always

O - Offer your help to others

S - Smile

I - Identify your goals

T - Thank yourself and others

I - Inspire others of your goodness

V - Visit your family and friends

E - Eat healthy, exercise

Happy New Year to all!