ONE of Cebu’s most-awarded coaches Graeme Mackinnon, is urging Global FC to connect with the Cebuano community and not just the local football community once it finalizes its transfer to Cebu for the Philippine Football League.

Mackinnon, an Australian who was based in Cebu for close to three decades, said Global should touch base with the Cebuanos so they can begin to identify themselves with the club.

“They should go to the schools, public schools and not just the private schools. They should visit hospitals and other communities. It is a given that the football community will support them, so they should reach out to the rest. Who knows, they might gain new fans. People might learn to follow or support them because of a visit to a hospital,” said Mackinnon.

“Our intention really is to be eventually immersed with the local community,” he said.

As for the Global youth teams joining local tournaments, Mackinnon suggested that the teams play outside of their age group.

“It would be useless if they play in their age groups and win all the time. They won’t learn a thing...If they play in an older age group against bigger players, they can develop,” said Mackinnon. (PR)