THE Department of Labor and Employment (Dole) in Northern Mindanao said despite its intensified campaign, some companies did not give the 13th month pay to its employees during the holiday season.

Dole-Northern Mindanao Technical Support Services Division Chief Atheneus Vasallo said some security guards of an agency in the region have visited their office and expressed their willingness to file a complaint against their employer.

“Sa karon naay nagreklamo, mga grupo sa gwardiya kay wala daw nila nadawatan ilang 13th month pay unya atong gipa-summon ilang tagsa-tagsa ka employers (A group of security guards complained they did not receive their 13th month pay, then we summoned each of their employers),” he said.

Vasallo said another employee also called the Dole’s hotline and complained about the management of the hospital because of its failure to give out the 13th month pay.

Vasallo said they were quick to act on the problem, which happened last December, and that the said hospital immediately paid its employee.

“Fortunately, gibayaran man pud dayon siya diritso, nanawag siya pinaagi sa atong hotline unya gipaadtoan dayon nato sa atong mga inspector (Fortunately, they immediately paid him, he called our hotline and we sent an inspector) then before the end of the year, gihatagan raman pud dayon siya (he was given his pay),” he said.

“Daghan nata gitawagan nga mga establishment para maka-voluntarily comply sila before pa ta mag-abot sa pag-file ug case (We already called several establishment so they can voluntarily comply before the filing of the case),” he added.

Vasallo pointed out that employees should first reach out to their employers and find out the reason of the possible delay of the 13th month pay before filing an actual complaint, in order to save time and effort.

“Kinahanglan pud mo-exert siya ug effort aron mo-claim sa iyang katungod, kay basin makalimot rapud ang employer nga aduna pa diay siyay obligation (The employees also need to exert effort in order to claim his dues, the employers probably forgot that they still have an obligation to fulfill),” he said.

Vasallo advised those who still haven’t received the 13th month pay to come forward and seek for their office’s advice.

All employers are mandated by the law to pay their rank-and-file employees the 13th month pay, regardless of the nature of their employment and of the methods by which their wages are paid as long as they have rendered service to the company for at least one month in a year.

Employers are supposed to give the 13th month pay not later than December 24.

Associated Labor Unions-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines Regional Vice President Nicandro Borja reminds employers that it is their obligation, and at the same it is the employees' right to receive their 13th month pay.

Borja said its union is willing to assist and support troubled employees.