A 53-YEAR-OLD farmer was killed in front of his grandson after he was struck in the head in Barangay Tulic in Argao town, Cebu. 

At 4:05 p.m. last Friday, Lorenzo Balliran and his 11-year-old grandson were walking on a grassy portion of the place. 

Romulo Duran, 58, tailed the two and tried to catch the attention of the victim after he said the words, “Patyon gud tika ron (I will really kill you).” 

Duran then allegedly struck Romulo with a piece of wood at the back of his head, causing his death.

PO2 Glenn Besande, an investigator of the Argao Police Station, said that three weeks prior to the incident Balliran and Duran had a fight over their tattoos in a cockpit. 

“The victim made a joke about the suspect’s tattoo and it made the latter swear that if he will see Balliran in their place, he would be killed,” said Besande. 

The assault happened when Duran saw Balliran with his grandson in their place because of fiesta in their barangay. 

The victim’s wife told the authorities that her husband was deaf. He probably did not hear Balliran’s threat, the wife said.

Duran admitted that he was drunk when the incident happened. 

A manhunt operation was launched against Duran until he was caught in his house at 8 a.m. yesterday.