... WHY THE ADMINISTRATION suspects Vice President Leni Robredo to be in an alleged plot to oust President Duterte: the VP and Sen. Leila de Lima were believed to have stayed in the house of billionaire-philanthropist Loida Nicolas-Lewis, a Filipino-American who heads the Global Filipino Diaspora Council.

It’s not stated if Leni and de Lima went there together or visited Nicolas-Lewis separately.

But so what if they did visit? The Fil-Am billionaire is reportedly advocating for the replacement of Duterte. Emails from her that surfaced in the internet talk about Duterte’s alleged failure to rid the country of crime within six months (later extended to another six months).

It’s guilt by association but suspicions cannot be prevented. Though, it must be noted, calling for the President’s resignation is just a protest, not a criminal or immoral act. VP Leni has been insisting she is not for shortening Duterte’s term and is not a part of any plan to seek his resignation.

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In mailing list

... ALLEGED PLOTTERS were having a “conversation” by email through Yahoo that’s why they’re called the Yahoo Group.

They must be stupid plotters for talking about their plan on highly vulnerable facility.

Anyway, they include Loida Nicolas-Lewis, her sister Imelda, and two journalists said to be connected with ABS-CBN bureaus abroad.

Another report said the names of columnists Randy David and Solita Monsod were included apparently because they were in the mailing list of the emails. Guilty by being mail recipients?

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Meryl’s lament

... Golden Globe Lifetime Achievement awardee actress Meryl Streep, at the awards rites yesterday, deplored U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s mimicking of a disabled “New York Times” reporter during the campaign. “It kind of broke my heart,” she said, “when I saw it. I still can’t get it out of my head because it wasn’t in a movie. It was real life.”

Streep didn’t name Trump or the reporter, who was Serge Kovaleski whom Donald ridiculed for reporting that contrary to the candidate’s claim, there were no Muslims in New Jersey who were celebrating the 9/11 attacks.

The video of Trump shaking like Serge, who suffers from arthrogryposis (a congenital condition affecting the joints), was repeatedly played during the campaign.

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