A DAVAO-BASED movement advocating federalism proposes to include the judicial system of the country to be federalized by appointing five justices for every island group as representatives at the Supreme Court.

Lawyer Ding Estores of Lihuk Pideral Dabaw, in a press conference on Monday, January 9, at SM City Davao cited that all the officials of the Supreme Court all come from Luzon and there is no Justice coming from Mindanao.

“The Supreme Court shall be composed of a chief Justice and Fourteen Associate Justices, 5 of whom shall be born and resident of Mindanao, another five of whom shall be born and resident of Visayas while another five of whom shall be born and resident of Luzon,” Lihuk-Pideral's proposal read.

It also added that it may sit En Banc or in its discretion, in division of three, five or seven members. Any vacancy shall be filled within 90 days, the proposal added.

Estores said that they are looking at the judicial system of Canada as an example wherein every state has their own representative at the Supreme Court.

Estores defined federalism as a “country within a country”. It also refers to a system of government in which entities such as states or provinces share power with a national government.