I WONDER what these Duterte social media warriors are cooking with these LeniLeaks?

Because this storm seems to be more powerful than cyclone Auring that knocked down power in Caraga Region when it made landfall Sunday night.

Auring slowed down overtime, but not LeniLeaks as it is packing more strength day-by-day over social media and is based on a leaked e-mail.

This LeniLeaks is whooped up by the social media warriors of Duterte, the likes of Thinking Pinoy and Sass Sassot, as they leaked e-mails shared between a Filipino-American and certain individuals who plotted to mount protests on the extrajudicial killings that will lead to the ouster of President Rodrigo Duterte.

I am asking these social media warriors, what are you cooking?

Saving the president is more important now than addressing the 2,184 families in Caraga region displaced in 55 evacuation centers?

You're social media supporters of the president, why keep looking on conspiracies and beating up the Liberal Party?

I'm not saying the threats against the president are not real, but the thing is, you have beaten up the opposition dead since last year.

During the elections, you exposed Roxas' pretentious credentials and refute the allegations of Trillanes. You exposed de Lima's possible links to drug syndicates.

Now you're still beating up another opposition, Leni Robredo.

You're beating up a dead horse by now. Is there something else you can do?

Why not focus on accomplishments or challenges faced by the presidency?

For instance, the challenge of disaster relief continues. Department of Social Welfare and Development Secretary Judy Taguiwalo is responding fast to 500,000 families hit from two storms that hit the country in three weeks.

Another instance, Bayan Muna Representative Carlos Zarate points out in a news article, that the threats against Duterte come not from the opposition, but from his economic managers.

These managers who have discouraged the passing of the SSS pension hike, the end of labor-contractualization and other economic policies.

“These mainly pro-elite and oligarchic economics run counter and anathema to the previous pro-poor and pro-people pronouncements of President Duterte; they are sabotaging the President,” Zarate said in an interview.

You see, an administration does not only have enemies outside. The enemies can also strike within.

Political interests, class interests, these things may run counter to what Duterte or the people want from government.

And these social media warriors have been so good into digging a lot of facts, how about digging into facts about how viable the SSS pension hike would be, or about how to make a viable economic plan to generate jobs or cultivate a sustainable agricultural program?

I remember Duterte said during his inaugural speech, it's time not to hate each other. It's time to join the administration in this path to create change.

Isn't it time that social media warriors have to “move on” from these things?