FIVE men are facing charges for two counts of murder for the death of two barangay tanods (police) of Leon Garcia Village, Davao City last December 7, 2016, and one count of frustrated murder for causing injury of another person.

Prosecutor Grace Lydda Larriego, in a resolution dated January 5, found probable cause to indict Erwin Regidor Labajo, Marjun Labajo, Mario Labajo, Alias Kulot, and Alias Tata for murder and frustrated murder.

Based on the resolution, the murder charge was filed by Jessica Bandera Ramos and Maritess Daludog Cagbay, the wives of the deceased victims, Angelito Ramos, Edwin Cailado Cagbay and also Helen Santosidad Giltendez, wife of Noel Felicia Giltendez who was injured during the incident.

The bloodbath started with an altercation over a pair of slippers which was allegedly stolen from Marlon Cerujano Inso, 33, a resident of Sitio Regla, Barangay Leon Garcia on December 7, 2016.

Inso's efforts to find his slipper led him to alias Kulot, who refused to give him the Maraju sandal and demanded from him P100 in exchange of the slipper.

As previously reported, the Maraju sandal owned by Inso was allegedly stolen by a son of resident of Sitio Corias of Barangay Leon Garcia, and was later sold to Kulot for P100.

Inso then sought help of barangay authorities and asked Angelito Ramos, Noel Giltendez to accompany him back to Kulot.

Arriving at Sitio Corias, they saw alias Kulot having a drinking spree with four other persons.

Kulot then told Inso that the slippers were already returned to Inso's place.

The trio returned to the barangay hall but Inso learned from his wife that the slippers were not returned so he together with his cousin, victim Edwin Callado Cagbay, Ramos and Giltendez went back to Sitio Corias.

There, when confronted by Inso, Alias Kulot reiterated his earlier demand of P100 in exchange of his slippers.

At this point, the Edwin Regidor Labajo intervened which led to an altercation.

A certain Alias Tata fired an improvised firearm, which allegedly prompted victim Angelito Remo Ramos to pull his firearm from his slingbag to prepare to defend them.

Erwin Regidor, alias Tata, Marjun Labajo and Mario Labajo allegedly promptly held Ramos and grabbed the firearm from him.

Shots were fired causing Inso to seek cover.

When Inso peeped, he saw Marjun Labajo stab Ramos several times while the latter was being held by alias Kulot, alias Tata, Erwin Regidor Labajo and Mario Labajo.

When Noel Giltendez tried to intervene and pacify the suspects, the latter turned into Giltendez, and Marjun Labajo allegedly stabbed Giltendez while being held by Alias Tata, Erwin Labajo and Mario Labajo.

Seeing the respondents were stabbing victim Edwin Callado Cagbay, Inso pleaded with respondents but when the latter turned their attention to him, Inso ran and sought assistance of his family.

On the way to Sitio Regla, he met personnel from the Task Force Davao patrolling in the area.

Inso returned to the place of the incident and they saw the bloodied lifeless victims Edwin Callado Cagbay and Angelito Remo Ramos sprawled on the ground.

Noel Giltendez, who was still breathing, was rushed to Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) together with the responding officer.

Police officers who received a call from a concerned citizen arrived in the area and saw the deceased.

Erwin Regidor Labajo was arrested since he was brought to SPMC for treatment after having accidentally stabbed by Marjun Labajo.

Prosecutor Lariego said that enough evidence is present to indict Labajo for two counts of murder for the death of Ramos and Cagbay and one count of frustrated murder for their acts against victim Giltendez with the respondent conspiring and confederating with the rest of the respondents who are still at large.

Larriego said that “As told, it is respectfully recommended that the corresponding information be filed in court. Let the preliminary investigation be conducted as regards to the respondents who are at large.”