THE City Council Monday gave its endorsement on the application of DM Capital Venture Corporation (DMCVC) to develop and operate an Information Technology – Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) building/center called “Legarda IT Center” at Legarda Road here in the City of Baguio.

In the report of the Committee on Urban Planning, Lands and Housing chaired by City Councilor Edgardo Avila, it cited documents submitted by the DMCVC, such as the project brief of the said IT center, and the certification issued by Punong Barangay Teodoro Castro of Burnham-Legarda Barangay, to support its recommendation for the approval of the said application by DMCVC.

The project brief submitted by the DMCVC showed that the corporation acquired a 962 square meter area of land along Legarda Road between Route 55 Restaurant and the Sweetmates Cakes which it intends to develop in order to house the proposed Legarda IT Center. It also mentions that the site is identified in the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) as a commercial area having a category of C1 and principally intended for trade, services and business activities.

The IT facility to be established, as contained in the said project brief of the DMCVC, is rectangular in shape and its main entrance will face Legarda Road, having a total floor area of 9,820 square meters with six basements mainly for parking and six floors aboveground. Of the total floor area 6.30% will be dedicated for the BPO while there will also be a provision for 120 parking spaces aside from a retail unit, restaurants and rooftop garden with an al fresco dining area.

As to the benefits to be derived from the said project, DMCVC pointed out in its project brief that it will provide additional infrastructure needed in the promotion and expansion of the IT-BPO industry in the city, it will make Baguio City as a preferred destination for information and communications businesses, it will support the city in strengthening its position in the Next Wave Cities ranking in the country and globally, in Tholons Top 100 outsourcing destinations and it will stimulate investments thus generating taxes for the city. With respect to the concern regarding traffic along Legarda Road, the project brief mentioned that the setting up of the said BPO is not expected to cause traffic jams when it becomes operational since it is distant from the location of other existing BPOs and that the bulk of its employees work the night shift. The brief added that in the event private vehicles will be used by some of the employees there is an available provision for ample parking along its basements.

Likewise, the concerned barangay has issued a certification stating that it has no objection, opposition or complaint to the putting up of the said IT-BPO within its jurisdiction.

Finally, the Committee report also shared its observation that IT centers in the community are owned by local investors which provide office spaces for IT/Call center companies which are mostly foreign owned, that these IT companies provide employment to local residents, that the presence of such IT companies also generate other local businesses like restaurants/cafes and convenience stores and that the Local government unit will benefit from the payment of the 5% Gross Income Tax by these IT companies with the said LGUs having a share of 2%.