CEBU Media’s endearing friend, Dr. Jose “Bebe” Barba, proud son of Toledo City, Cebu, and a super-accomplished product of the Cebu Institute of Medicine, makes it a point to jet to good ole.

Bebe, now a much-sought after radiation oncologist, calls Powder Hill, New Jersey, his home—a spanking mansion—which he shares with wife, Dr. Fidelis and two offspring Stefan and Gia. We met up with Bebe for lunch at the Garden Cafe of the Cebu City Marriott Hotel (CCMH) where he is a top client, and was instantly welcomed with a cake by CCMH public relations officer Nico Velasquez. Still another get together was organized by Julius and Nelia Neri at the Orange Carinderia, along Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City, where the native food is commendable!

All too soon, it was bye-bye time, but we left Bebe with a message: “Same time in six months, ha?”

● ● ●

A birthday is always a celebration of another year of life and blessings! More so for Mrs. Paulina Uy-Deduque, whom the Almighty has blessed with 90 years of earthly existence.

The Thanksgiving celebration was held at the Salon de España of the Casino Español de Cebu, planned to the minutest detail by her children: Pamela, Jose, Jesus, Paulette and Pauline.

A livelier group of Zontians and senior citizens (and junior ones, too!) couldn’t be found anywhere else as guests enjoyed the sumptuous array of food choices! A loving video outlined Pauline’s nine decades as dedicated wife, mother and finance whiz!

A surprise number was performed by master showman and violinist, award-winning Jake Julius Gacang, which was well-applauded!

In closing, we would like to quote a few lines from her invitation, “Life should be measured not by years, but by love shared, memories made, joy given and blessings received.”

Dear Pauline, you truly have achieved all four! Cheers!

● ● ●

The setting was genuinely historical: The Jereza patriarchal mansion at Sanjercasvil Road.

This was the choice of former Cebu provincial Governor and now Rep. Gwen F. Garcia for her 60-something natal day.

If you talk of ambience, this mansion has it all! Center regal staircase, impeccably polished wide-planked wooden floors, high ceilings, French windows, antique furniture and chandeliers!

The glowingly glamorous birthday girl then greeted every special guest, going from table to table, urging them to enjoy the food and the fun.

We did, Gwen, and happy birthday!