HE is Fernando Perito listed in the IBP list of lawyers as a native of Laguna. Perito, with accountant Rogelio Cantoria, filed before the Ombudsman last July 6 a complaint for plunder against former president Noynoy Aquino and six others over the shipment of “$141 billion gold bars” to Thailand.

Perito and Cantoria must have read the fake story on Facebook or came upon it while it was being circulated online. They believed it or didn’t but used it anyway to go to court.

WHOM HE SUED. Perito is not new in suing people over actual or perceived wrongdoings. Some lawsuits that landed him in the news:

-- He petitioned the Supreme Court against de Lima for her alleged ties with drug dealers when she was justice secretary;

-- In February 2015, he sued then police chief Alan Purisima and Special Action Force commander Getulio Napeñas over the death of 44 SAF troops on Jan. 25, 2015 police operation in Maguindanao;

-- In January 2012, he filed a motion before the Senate that tried then Supreme Court chief justice Renato Corona, asking the body sitting as a court to cite in contempt all the prosecutors for exposing in a press conference their evidence against Corona;

-- In July 2011, he sought the disbarment of Sarah Duterte for punching a court sheriff, who is wenforcing a court order against squatters;

-- Earlier, he also wanted then PCGG chairman Camilo Sabio disbarred for allegedly influencing his brother, then a Court of Appeals justice, in a GSIS case.

SPREE. Perito calls himself a human rights lawyer. But in the A uino complaint, he was duped or deliberately used bogus news in his suing spree.

Missing books

MOTIVE. Books about the towns in Cebu are reportedly missing. It doesn’t say where (Capitol store room or in municipal buildings they were sent to) and how many (the public doesn’t know how many were printed or its cost). And the motive: To sell them? (Unlikely.)

To prevent their circulation? (Maybe.) An inventory of recipients may help the search.


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