IT'S Sinulog weekend, and if you’re going to any of the parties or music festivals, chances are you’re going to be in some pretty sweaty situations. Lots of people, lots of dancing, lots of fun—but not when your face starts to melt off! 

I’m probably going to sit out this year’s parties because I’m staycationing this weekend, but I’ve been to enough to share what makeup really stayed put on me. (Disclaimer: None of these can withstand paint stains or beer showers!)

  • B cream + powder. Okay, not earth shattering since most of us depend on this every day, but I’ll explain. This combination is my go-to whenever I know I’m going to be sweating a lot. I need to let my skin breathe and stay cool, so I avoid wearing foundation to Sinulog parties. Kiehl’s BB cream and Beauty Republic BB creams both have high SPF and look flawless even after several hours. I only do one light dusting of powder when I leave the house. When you’re sweating a lot, powder will cake fast.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. I’ve mentioned this bulletproof product several times because almost anything else I’ve used patches off when I get sweaty. The NYX eyebrow marker is also very waterproof and is easier to apply if you are new to brow pomades.
  • I don’t want mascara running into my eyes or down my face. You can choose a waterproof formula but even those can flake off. I usually just curl my lashes or, for night parties, apply false eyelashes. Duo eyebrow glue helps falsies stay put; just make sure you cover each end of the lash band. Press down gently for a few seconds when putting on the lashes to make sure they’re really adhered to your lids.
  • You can opt to skip eyeshadow and just go with bold liner, but I love putting on eyeshadow when I go out. Makeup Forever Aqua Cream and Innisfree Glow liquid shadow go on creamy smooth and have never creased on me even after hours of dancing or being at a beach party.
  • The only thing I reapply when partying is lipstick or lip gloss. It’s got to be easy and quick, so no complicated liquid lipsticks here! The Revlon Just Bitten chubby sticks are super easy to swipe on, and don’t feather or leave rings on your lips when drinking. I also like using tinted lip balms by Maybelline or Burt’s Bees.