Bautista: Monday club

MANIC Monday. A day many dread. Some school kid without a research paper to be passed. An unfinished or incomplete report for some middle level manager. The restaurant without any stock. That unkempt office. All bodegas left with some evidence of pilferage. A family vacation or that party in the beach. All this are from the effect of the days before. The weekend.

Manic indeed it for some Juan. Juan will have to deal with the morning rush. Definitely, every Juan is not excused from having no work. Even banks that open for business will not opt to close on a Monday. It will be all other days except that day. Maybe some restaurants may be closed but it would not mean that there is no work. Surely a time to make and fill stock and cleaning of kitchen space too.

When I started in the City Council in the 90's, the Sessions were held every Wednesday. I noticed most of the members travelled for some conference the next day. It was when I became Vice - Mayor that our internal rules were changed. A change was made to Monday.

Monday was mandated by all in government to hold a flag raising ceremony. Soon after the Council realized they had to be back in City Hall on Monday. A break for Tuesday, then back again on Wednesday for the Session and out for seminars on Thursday made our schedules very tight.

While serving as the Presiding Officer for the Council, I also continued to maintain some teaching load in the University of Baguio. But it was with some dread too as my schedule would be affected from all the changes. Glad to have a very understanding Dean, Rosario Raymundo who understood it all.

During flag raising, speeches are made, commendations are given, some entertaining presentation like a dance or song is prepared then breakfast is served. Everyone will soon after head back to their offices as I review the items for Session at two in the afternoon.

Previous to all this, we held our sessions in the convention center. Yes. It was only after some time that we moved back to City Hall. Our offices were underground, the basement. I shared an office with then councilor Nick Palaganas. He taught me well.

I soon became the Mayor. I did the speech and presented the commendations. Once, I drove a pison and destroyed pirated CD's, video-karera machines, I drove a new Volvo backhoe and also the new fire truck among others. A normal Monday.

While breakfast is served, an informal meeting is on agenda, mostly, reminders for the week. Then everyone will head back to their own different offices. Including me and my staff.

Then nothing. Boredom sets in.

Monday may seem like a hectic day for most but unfortunately, is the slowest for me as Mayor. Busiest will be the city council and the vice - mayor. In fact everyone will focus on them.

Sometimes, some protest or rally will be outside the premises of the session hall. Seemingly many will find interest or look for an audience with the members of the council or the vice mayor.

A chance probably to be heard or an appeal for legislation. All eyes will definitely be with the legislative body. Even with media outfits.

Surely, the executive departments will have their fair share of work for the week but not like the council and all the staff.

Then the Monday Club was made. It was held every Monday soon after the council has started its session. Surely there was no one who would visit my office.

I then decided to make the most of the day by instead making my own staff planning and meeting. It is at this time we conceptualize and make plans on how the office will be run.

Surely some disagreements, many raised voices. In the end we finish, and make sure things will be threshed out. This is our bonding time. We will all be together fixing our schedules for the week and with whom to do the things needed to be done.

Whatever was discussed will have to be implemented as talked and agreed upon. As mentioned, this is our time to "fight it out" with one another. Never a dull moment in this private session.

Violent reactions are brought about by news from local papers and from radio commentaries. There was no Facebook then. There was accountability among my staff in the office and it was all settled that time.

This was always at my Home.

Only recently have I decided to return this practice. The first before year end 2016 and we had fun. Obviously everyone was still fiery and it was lively. We just had the last one again this Monday to start the year 2017.


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