LA TRINIDAD officials again reiterated their stand against gambling, denying the presence of a den in barangay Pico.

Mayor Romeo Salda told Sun*Star Baguio the municipality has totally stopped all forms of illegal gambling in the town.

“There’s no illegal gambling. We had to make them stop so it has totally stopped. The police officers are also implementing the laws to stop gambling,” he said.

Salda said some barangay officials in Pico are insisting to operate a gambling den following the passing of a resolution.

“In the local government code, only the Bingo sa Barangay is allowed. All other forms of amusement is not allowed,” Salda added.

Municipal Police Station OIC Chief of Police Chief Inspector Benson Macli-ing guaranteed the Municipal Council the will be no operation of any types of gambling within their coverage area.

“The ones in Pico has been stopped despite a barangay permit where the funding from the operations will be used for the construction of a day care center,” Macli-ing said.

Councilor Nestor Fongwan Jr. on the other hand said there is no ordinance allowing gambling as source for funding for barangay or municipal projects.

“What they are doing in Pico is drop ball. And it is the barangay who is allowing it, not the LGU. Or, is someone allowing it to happen?” Fongwan said.

Fongwan also emphasized he, together with the other councilors is not in favor of any type of gambling in the municipality.

Councilor Roderick Awingan added under the probations of the local government code, fund raising activity is allowed but limited to bingo sa barangay.