ENJOY delectably mouthwatering dishes at Sure Thing Chicken Wing. Jerico Limosnero and Carlo Borromeo, co-founders, introduced to the public their first ever team-up food business last Dec. 16 at Ramos St., Cebu City.

The main concept behind Sure Thing was to create a simple place with awesome food, allowing to keep the menu small and simple. These wings are served with Hakuna patatas, freshly-cut and fried potato chips.

Perfectly made with just the right ingredients, Sure Thing Chicken Wing comes in four different flavors: There’s the New Yorker that takes on the original American-style deep fried wings coated in special sauce; Gangnam, which makes one feel like he is in Korea with a blend of Korean-inspired spicy and sweetness; there’s Pinoy, a Sure Thing Chicken Wing original and Honey Glazed, an original concept of sweet and savory wings, loved by children who want great flavor but none of the spice of Korean or Buffalo.

Borromeo shared that they wanted to bring a high-quality taste to Filipinos at an affordable price. Priced at P69, a meal is served complete with a wing combo that goes with puso (hanging rice).

“It has been years that we’ve been helping other companies, so, why not build our own?” said Borromeo, creative director at Maverick Ideas, as to why they decided to create a food business together with Limosnero. Their motivation is to create something that few to none provided: Excellent food quality at a cheaper price.

And of course, what are chicken wings without some cold beer? Good to know the store is well-stocked and ready to serve Cebuano foodies craving for a satisfying meal. Eula L. Talisic, USJ-R Comm Intern