The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) will conduct random checks of trucks entering the San Carlos City port after a top drug personality said that illegal drugs are being smuggled through the northern Negros port.

Lieutenant Jimmy Oliver Vingno, commander of Coast Guard Station (CGS)-Bacolod, said they deployed two K-9 dogs in the port.

Spare tires, where the illegal drugs are allegedly being kept while in transit, will also be checked.

They are coordinating with the CGS Station in Cebu to conduct random checks at the Toledo port, Vingno said.

“Since the drugs originally come from Toledo port, we will concentrate our anti-drug checks there so the drugs will not reach Negros Island,” he added.

Negros Island Region top drug personality Ricky Serenio earlier said the drugs come from Marawi City in Mindanao and are smuggled through the Port of San Carlos using tires of trucks coming from Toledo City.*