LIKE lightning, the Tanduay 5-on-5 Paliga was quick and light as the advertised drink.

On Sunday, eight teams answered the call after being handpicked to represent as champions of their respective barangays from Silay to Bacolod.

Ten players played ten minutes straight per quarter starting at 9 a.m.

The Greens from Zone 15 Talisay beat the Yellows. Then the Orangemen from Sitio Mambag-id of Barangay Balaring in Silay City upset the Reds Barangay 14 of Bacolod City, 65-60 in the second game.

The third game saw Alijis in white uniform stomping over Gray. I have no idea about the outcome of the fourth game for I was at home taking my meal.

Upon returning at the site around 2:30 p.m., only a handful of Whites and Greens were inside the gym. The 5-on-5 has ended – without a basket thrown at the rim in the finals.

With eight teams, a semifinal and a final round – the league was too quick to finish.

It seemed that White won in the third game. After the fourth game, the organizers decided that the winner of Game 1 will collide with winner of Game 4. Winner Number 2 will meet winner Number 3.

The Balaring champs, thinking that they were going up against the winner of Number 1 (which should be the sequence since they played ahead of 3 and 4), thought the format was changed to cater to one team's advantage.

In disgust the Mambag-id Oranges went home. What transpired next was mind-boggling. According to the champion White, they did not play against the Greens since the latter saw the futility of going against a team that has players from other barangays.

So Tanduay organizers have no choice but to give the cash prizes of P6,000 to the champions; P4,000 to the runner-up; and P2,000 to the third placers plus products.

With such kind of a quickie of a one-day tournament, it seemed those players who were involved were true to their words. They were just after the uniform and the cash prize to help their families even for a day.

At least they were thankful for Tanduay for hosting such a benevolent league of 5-on-5 Paliga sa Barangay.

But the manner the tournament was done and its closure was just difficult to understand. Of course, Tanduay personnel were also in a hurry to go home.

Project completed and prizes given.

Let us drink to that! Make mine light.