HEADS will roll.

Reeling on the issue of the infamous transfer of Police Officer 3 Alberto Tadeo, the local council will summon Police Regional Office - Cordillera regional director Chief Superintendent Elmo Francis Sarona, Deputy regional director for administration Superintendent Gregorio Lim and acting city police director Ramil Saculles to shed light on the now controversial issue.

Vice Mayor Edison Bilog said calling on the top ranking officials will give due process and guide the local legislators on pending action over the issue on the transferred police officer.

There are now three resolutions pending before local legislators in answer to public outcry for action over the unceremonious transfer of Tadeo allegedly for citing violations on Lim’s drivers over the holidays.

Councilor Edgar Avila has proposed to declare Lim, as "persona non grata" in the city for abuse of power while Councilor Leandro Yangot has moved to investigate and invite the PNP top brass for the January 16 regular session, meanwhile Bilog has made his own resolution seeking to bring back Tadeo to the city.

Avila said the abuse of power showed by Lim in the transfer of Police Officer 3 Tadeo is enough grounds for the declaration.

"We are reacting to his abuse of authority," Avila said.

On December 21 at the Baguio City Public Market along Magsaysay Avenue, Tadeo apprehended a private motor-vehicle for violating the Odd-Even Ordinance of the City, with the driver and his passengers identified themselves as fellow members of the PNP assigned to Lim.

Tadeo then gave both a warning but did not issue traffic citations, later in the afternoon, Tadeo received an order from the office of Lim, relieving him from BCPO and transferring him to Apayao province.

A statement sent by Camp Dangwa approved by Sarona explained “The relief of SPO3 Alberto Tadeo from the Traffic Management Office, Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) is a matter of sanction which is in line with the PNP Internal Disciplinary Machinery to impose appropriate disciplinary action to erring personnel and in order for him not to interfere and influence the conduct of investigation.”

The statement further explained “Prior to his reassignment, SPO3 Tadeo has articulated side comments against the driver and security of the Regional Deputy Director for Administration Police Senior Superintendent Gregorio N Lim after the flag down the vehicle for some traffic violations.”

Bilog said the move to bring back Tadeo will not hamper any investigation.

“The rank of Tadeo is too low to compromise any investigation,” Bilog said adding higher ranked officials will be investigated by the local council.

“Tadeo will now face hardship equivalent to cruel and unusual punishment two years before his retirement. This is undeserving as Tadeo is known for his reputation as a hardworking police officer who has honor and integrity,” Avila added.

Avila continued “Clearly, the act of Senior Superintendent Gregorio Lim is grave abuse of power and authority and conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman.”

The Vice - Mayor said if Lim will not appear before the council next week, it will mean he is waiving his right to air his side of the issue and empower the council to proceed with the declaration.

If and when aldermen agree to declare Lim as persona non grata, the police officers functions to the city of Baguio will be impaired, with government offices being mandated not to honor transactions made by him as an effect of the declaration.

Bilog said the matter will also be elevated to PNP chief Ronald dela Rosa if needed.