THE Local Economic Enterprise Office (LEEO) will consult vendor associations in Iloilo City regarding its new concept of "Market the Market" strategy.

LEEO is embarking on a new concept as a winning strategy of making the public markets viable, profitable, and sustainable.

LEEO officer-in-charge Ariel Castaneda said the new method will be a partnership between the City and market vendors to earn more and make the market an attractive place for investments and marketing of goods.

The ongoing court litigation has forced the City to set aside for the meantime its plan of massive rehabilitation and renovation of the central market.

But Castaneda said the market revitalization program is not only on the physical rehabilitation of the market, but will also focus on the cooperation of the market vendors. So far, 20 percent of all market stalls at the central market are not occupied, leading to nonrevenue.

A consultation meeting will be conducted within this week between the LEEO and members of two market vendors associations at the central market and the Jaro big market to freely discuss the ongoing concerns of the vendors.