BUSINESS owners in Cebu believe the rains affected businesses more than the two-day shutdown of mobile networks over the Sinulog weekend.

Most reported no losses, as the move was announced ahead.

Robert Go, president of Philippine Retailers Association-Cebu Chapter, noted that the absence of networks slowed ordering and replenishing, but this was averted with the over stocking of items.

“There were inconveniences, but everyone understood the security measure, which is more important. There were no losses quantified since there were actions taken beforehand,” said Go, who owns the Prince Hypermart chain.

Jonathay Jay Aldeguer, founder of the Islands Group, said there was some negative effect of the network shutdown on a few outlets, but he thinks it was the incessant rains that affected sales.

Like Go, Aldeguer said there were no losses reported, as most of their stores increased in sales. He noted that if they were deprived of sales, it would be from credit card purchases that usually compose eight to 12 percent of total sales.

“We were affected though with credit card sales because of the absence of a network to get approval,” said Aldeguer.

Some mall outlets posted advisories urging cash transactions.

Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Glenn Anthony Soco said the shutdown hardly affected businesses, as most were closed during the weekend. He said those that were open were prepared, and some used Wi-Fi services.

The Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) appreciated the efforts executed by the local government authorities and police force in maintaining the security in Cebu for the Sinulog.

“Security is of utmost importance. As such, the public has been very cooperative and understanding when businesses explained the service that was hampered,” said its president Melanie Ng.

Some inconveniences noted were on ATM machines, credit card sales, prepaid load, Uber and Grab services, and emergency cases pertaining to health.

“Maybe next time, we can come up with plans on how to mitigate the inconveniences to the public if ever network signal will once again be cut for security purposes.”