JUDGE Sylva Aguirre-Paderanga has asked the Department of Justice to conduct a “thorough and intrepid” investigation into killing of her husband and son outside their law office last Dec.22.

Paderanga, of the Cebu City Regional Trial Court Branch 16, wrote Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre to direct the National Bureau of Investigation to investigate the killings of lawyer Goering George “Jing” Paderanga, Sr. and her son, Gerik Ceasare.

The probe should affirm or rule out the involvement of other people in the killing, or that security guard Jonathan Sanchez acted on his own.

“I am not convinced that Sanchez acted alone or that he was motivated by any motive other than the inducement of a hidden principal or principals,” said Judge Paderanga in her letter.

Judge Paderanga said that Sanchez shot the victims without any altercation, indicating that the guard’s act was carried out to specifically target her husband and son.

She said that she fears for the life of her youngest son, lawyer Goering George Jr., and the rest of the family.