BENGUET Agri-Pinoy Trading Center (BAPTC) is set to fast track the creation of a Memorandum of Agreement among stakeholders to be able to award the occupancy the soonest possible.

La Trinidad Mayor Romeo Salda said the legal counsels of Benguet State University and the local government are drafting and reconciling a MOA that will be presented for approval to the technical working group and the ad hoc committee of BAPTC.

During a public consultation BAPTC interim Chief Operations Officer Dr. Violeta Salda said “there are a lot to resolve in the facilities and organization but we have to keep moving on, execute plans, so we are hopeful we will be able to sign the MOA.”

Thus, the numerous applicants and listed organizations, cooperatives and individuals such as the traders, dealers, farmers, disposers, purchasers, and lessees who showed their interest will have to wait for their contract to utilize the area.

Meanwhile, officials has already drafted the stall operation guidelines to ensure that BAPTC will be a responsive and effective trading instrument for all stakeholders for a successful socio-economic enterprise specifically on the significant contribution to the improvement and progress of the highland vegetable industry.

“Queries have been answered and if there are more questions, they should come to the office to inquire and not believe hearsays,” Salda said.

Based on the initial draft of BAPTC manual operations, stalls rented out is for qualified individuals or groups who are engaged in the production and buy and sell of vegetables will have the permission or privilege to display and sell their produce upon payment of rentals.