PARTNERS for the Antamok Engineered Sanitary Landfill (ESL) are now being sought.

Last week, Mayor Mauricio Domogan signed into an agreement with Benguet Corporation, Goldrich Natural Resources Exploration and Development Inc. and Itogon town to develop its Antamok properties into a waste-to-energy compost aimed for sustainable environmental preservation and protection.

Domogan said a screening of proposals given to the city will now be in order to be able to find the perfect partner in the tripartite endeavour.

The city is still accepting waste to energy proposals and will soon decide who will be the best to endorse is and possibly become the missing link to seal the ESL plans.

When the partner is selected, terms of reference for the operations will be made.

Domogan said selection for ESL partners will be easier as it will forgo the hassles of government bidding as the ESL is run by a private company.

The agreement is set for a period of 25 years and renewable for another 25 years, while the possession of the patented lands will also be reverted back to the mining company.

When the project commences, Itogon and Baguio will deliver and dispose exclusively in Antamok all solid waste generated and collected by the communities once the engineered sanitary landfill is ready for operation following receipt of written notice from Groldrich and issue the endorsement necessary for the implementation, operation and maintenance of the Antamok project.

Domogan said garbage for the city alone amounts to 200 tons a day not including waste from the Baguio Country Club, SM and PEZA which will increase collection to 300 tons.