THE Unlimited Sports Performance Center (USPC) Athletic Performance Conditioning Camp by Nico D’ Haenen will conduct another seminar to assess and elevate the coaches and student-athletes of Bacolod City who were under his watch.

D’ Haenen conducted a similar seminar on November 3 to 5, 2015 at the Bacolod Tay Tung High School Gym. He will be back this coming March 3 to 5.

This time he will teach the more advanced skills in conditioning for student-athletes focusing in proper assessment of movement.

The quality of student-athletes that can lead to overuse, injuries, burnout, boredom, and possibly an end to a promising athletic future for young athletes will likewise be taken into consideration.

Physical Education teachers, coaches, and student-athletes in Negros Island are being invited to the attend. (HGD)