THREE men were charged with murder and frustrated murder after they allegedly jointly stabbed four men who were riding a motorcycle.

John Lloyd Bacalso, 18, Kenneth Nuñez, 18, and Jason Toyongan, 19, were charged before the Davao City Prosecutor’s Office last Monday for murder and frustrated murder.

Based from the incident report, the incident happened around 1:40 a.m. of January 14, 2016 at Purok 10 Bosque, Bunawan, Davao City particularly at the corner of the Landless Homeowners Association.

The victims were identified as Dante Firmesa Naresma, 20, habal-habal driver and a resident of Blk 4, Kabayan Relocation at Tibungco, sustained multiple stab wounds which resulted to his death; Manuel Gabriel Banono Mariba, 17, resident of Purok 5, Santo Nino Tibungo, who sustained multiple stab wounds on his body and a Batangas knife still embedded on the left portion of his body; Mark Franco Daan, 17, resident of Buhisan Tibungco, who sustained a stab wound below his right shoulder; and JejonKatani, 27, resident of Purok 10, Blessed Homes, Bosque Bunawan, who sustained stab wound on his back.

Based on a police report, Banono and Daan boarded a single motorcycle driven by Naresma and another single motorcycle was driven by Kitani and they traversed the same direction bound to Bunawan Crossin. Upon reaching the mentioned place of the incident, the suspects armed with knife jointly attacked them.

Mariba, Daan and Kitani were brought to the Southern Philippines Medical Center for treatment, while Naresma died due to fatal stab wounds.

Out of the six identified suspects, the police were only able to apprehend Bacalso, Nuñez, Toyongan after a manhunt operation has been conducted.

The authorities identified that the possible motive behind the incident is due to the drag race agreed earlier by both parties but was not pushed through.