DAVAO City Councilor Bernard Al-ag called for the strict implementation of the Comprehensive Transport and Traffic Code in the City, specifically the part where big trucks should not be allowed in barangay and residential roads.

Al-ag pointed out that the dire status of roads particularly in the barangays of Tigatto, Mandug, and Callawa in Buhangin District is due to heavy trucks, which carry earthfill and sand from quarry sites, passing through them even when these shouldn't be allowed.

While he said it could be that the materials used for the roads are substandard, thus, the dilapidated state they are in now, the greater reason could be due to heavy trucks traversing these barangay roads every day.

“Let me point out that we do have regulations for weight of trucks that may pass by our roads, The Comprehensive Transport and Traffic Code and The Land Transportation Code, which is already in place,” Al-ag said.

Al-ag added that there is a need now for the traffic personnel to strictly implement these regulations to avoid damage to roads, thus the passing of a resolution urging the City Transport and Traffic Management Office to enforce the existing ordinance and other laws.