THE Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) will intensify the implementation of its “Tokhang Redispersal” program this year to benefit more local animal raisers.

Shiela Jumayao, project development officer IV of PVO, said on Thursday, January 19, that after the program’s launching in the last quarter of 2016, the Provincial Government has redispersed 5,094 heads of livestock and poultry animals to new beneficiaries.

These amount to about P13 million, Jumayao said, adding that this is on top of another P13 million worth of animals and equipment regularly distributed last year.

The Provincial Government has covered mostly individual and group farmer-raisers under its redispersal program.

“Tokhang connotes reminding the existing beneficiaries that they have obligations to comply with the conditions of the program like replacement of animal heads,” Jumayao said.

This will allow the province to sustain the program by covering new and more recipient farmer-raisers, she added.

“Erring recipients may lose the privilege to avail of the future programs of the province,” Jumayao warned.

The “Tokhang Redispersal” is also aimed at complementing existing animal dispersal program to boost the livelihood of Negrense raisers.

PVO, through the Negros First Animal Livelihood Program and Provincial Animal Genetic Improvement Program, regularly distributed 56,602 heads of various livestock and poultry animals and five units of incubators benefiting 776 recipients.

By strengthening the Tokhang Redispersal implementation this year, the PVO is confident to maintain the province’s status as the country’s leader in backyard swine, free-range chicken, goat and ship, and gamefowl production.