AA AND I were in Singapore last week to listen to our mentor Grandmaster Raymond Lo's Feng Shui Talk for the Rooster Year 2017.

His talk included specific dates and events that occurred in Rooster Years, and date that have the same elements as this year: yin fire over yin metal. This Rooster Year combination occurs once every 60 years.

The incoming year begins January 28, 2017, but the effects of the year can be felt many weeks ahead of the actual start of the New Year.

In general, this Rooster Year promises to be interesting. For one, it activates the 'Peach Blossom' or romance for the Monkey, the Dragon and the Rat. There will be opportunities for social activities and meeting a partner.

There will also be advances in Science and Medicine. The laser was invented in a Rooster Year. Aspirin and the electron were discovered in Rooster years.

The year is optimistic and there will be occasions for celebration. It is a harmonious year for the Snake, the Dragon, and the Horse.

It's possible another 'Beatles' will be formed because it is a good year for the entertainment industry. Paul McCartney met John Lennon on a yin fire Rooster Year.

Children born this year have an academic star, so they will be smart and have a desire to learn.

People born in years ending 6 and 7 (1966, 67, 1976, 77 and etc) have a smooth and favorable year because the Rooster is a 'Nobleman' for them. Help will always be on the way.

However, this Rooster Year has the elements of Yin Fire over Yin Metal. These elements are not in harmony. In the cycle of elements, fire destroys metal. They have a fighting relationship, so we can expect a year with international conflicts and terrorist attacks.

Yin fire is like a candle flame, attractive but flickering, so it is unstable. Yin Fire can also bring bullets, explosions, fire disasters and air disasters. Our President Ramon Magsaysay died in a plane crash in the last Yin Fire over Yin Metal Rooster Year in 1957. This was in the Rabbit Month of the Rooster Year (March 17, 1957).

Yin Metal is represented by jewelry, beautiful, attractive, but can be cold. Yin Metal is like a dagger, and can be associated with assassinations and stabbing.

Healthwise, fire represents the heart, blood circulation, brain, nerves and the eyes. Metal represents the lungs and the skin. There is a need to take better care of these organs because they are the ones that will be most affected this year. Beware of strokes.

The Rooster clashes with the Rabbit, so Rabbits can be accident prone and are advised to be careful about injuries to the back and small bones. It will also be an unstable period for them. The Goat and the Pig are also in for a year of changes.

Roosters are in penalty with the year of the Rooster. Like the Rabbit, they are advised to be careful to avoid being injured in accidents. They also need to take better care of their health.

Roosters are outspoken and frank, and this could lead to disagreements and quarrels. President Duterte is a Rooster born in the Rabbit Month (March 28, 1945). Thus, he must carry the protection for the Rabbit and the Rooster. He needs to take most care in March, September and October.

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