DUE TO commercialization and machination, some Baguio silver craft artists and their employees maybe out of business soon.

Rommel Marcelo, one of the artists and owner of a traditional silver handcrafts shop in the city said their industry is dying due to commercialization of silver products in the market as well as due to machine made silver crafts while appealing to the public to appreciate their handmade crafts rather than buy fake crafts sold at the market.

"If you like authentic Filipino na hand crafted products, tangkilikin natin ang sariling atin para magpatuloy ang business," Marcelo said.

Marcelo said if commercialization and machination will continue, they will be stopping their business and livelihood of some people.

"Ngayon wala na it is a dying crafts," Marcelo added.

From 1980's, Marcelo started such business and provided livelihood to the some residents and other nearby towns.

Due to commercialization and machination they have lots of competitors which is softly killing the traditional way making silver crafts.

Marcelo said as result of commercialization, some silver products sold in the market are not pure like jewelries which some people are saying fake.

Due to machinations, Marcelo added they cannot compete with bigger companies who employ machines to make silver crafts.

Marcelo said handmade silver crafts symbolize the old and traditional culture of Filipinos.