Anti cursing law pushed

IF PROFANITY is banned here, will President Rodrigo Duterte visit Baguio?

The habit of the President for expletives has worried lawmakers in the city with a resolution banning profanity in schools, government buildings and business establishments filed by Councilor Lilia Fariñas in a bid to lessen spur of the moment bouts caused by foul language.

Fariñas said profanity degrades persons and causes fights especially for the youth.

u201cIt is readily observable nowadays that cursing has become a normal practice, commonplace everywhere, that even children seem to have already accepted the habit as a customary routine in our society, oblivious of the repercussions that it may result to,” Fariñas said.

Farinas in her resolution titled “Instituting An Anti-Profanity Ordinance In All Schools, Computer Shops And Other Business Establishments Frequented By Children, High School And/Or College Students In The City Of Baguio” passed on first reading during Monday’s regular session aims to preserve morals of the youth not only in observance of Children’s month but all year round.

u201cThis revolting habit can be observed most often in computer shops where children of different ages play games, especially those that engage in war games and feudal battles which cause them to insult each other with indecent and profane language, as if it were okay to do so, and especially because their parents or guardians are not present to apprehend their actions,” the lady lawmaker said.

When passed, the ordinance will cover all Schools, at all levels from pre-school, elementary, high school to college, business establishments such as, but not limited to computers shops and other places frequented by pre-school and grade school children; cafes, restaurants, bars, including public places where high school and college students, and where those enrolled in universities frequently visit.

Business establishments like computer shops will be obligated to cause the hanging of signs and signages in their business establishments to announce the observance of the Anti-Profanity Ordinance, in words such as: “Cursing is NOT allowed.”, “Profanity Prohibited”, “Bawal Mag-mura,” for compliance.

Schools whether public or private, will include into their educational system, particularly in their Constitution & By-Laws, Code of Conduct, or Rules & Regulations, that profane language and all its attributes, are strictly prohibited and have corresponding penalties for it.


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