SENATOR Leila de Lima will visit Bacolod City tomorrow (Sunday) for a speaking engagement in the event of the Pilipinas Kong Mahal United National Core Group.

This was confirmed by John Montinola, former national political officer of the Liberal Party, but for security reasons, he did not reveal the exact time of the senator’s arrival.

Montinola said De Lima’s visit will only be brief.

She will talk about her advocacies on good governance, women concerns, and human rights, he added.

Montinola said the Pilipinas Kong Mahal group in Bacolod believes in the advocacies of De Lima that’s why they invited her to speak at a forum.

De Lima became controversial after President Rodrigo Duterte tagged her as the highest public official allegedly in cahoots with other drug personalities trading narcotics inside the national penitentiary.

Duterte has said that De Lima was the one who made the country as a “narco-state.”

De Lima has denied the allegation and accused the President of merely discrediting her.

In November last year, the senator filed a “test case” against Duterte at the Supreme Court to challenge his immunity from suit.

On Thursday, Solicitor General Jose Calida hit De Lima for "using her legislative power" to allegedly suppress investigation into her supposed involvement in narcotics inside the New Bilibid Prison.

Calida described De Lima as the “public enemy number one” as she allowed illegal drug operation to flourish in the country during her tenure as Justice Secretary.