THE young IT talents are given the much needed boost to improve their technical chops on software development in a bid to put Davao City in the world technology map.

Davao City-based Ingenuity Global Consulting Inc. chief executive officer (CEO) John Naranjo said that he saw the need to expose the young talents to software development amid the booming business process outsourcing (BPO).

This way, he said more can be encouraged to develop their skills on programming, and thus contribute in the growth of the "non-voice" sector.

He said the Philippines has been No. 1 when it comes to voice, with the sufficient talent pool who are well-versed in English language.

But Naranjo said non-voice can have a significant contribution to the industry growth only if more talents will be encouraged to help push its frontiers.

Ingenuity hatched the Hackademy, a two-week web programming boot camp, to support the budding young talents develop their skills.

Initially, a total of 11 students from the Philippine Science High School have been selected to undergo the program from June 8 to 19, 2015 at the Ingenuity headquarter along Quirino Avenue.

"We want to make an impact to the community by giving students access to education," he said.

A PhilSci alumnus himself, Naranjo wanted to open Hackademy to deserving students there who need further honing on their skills on computer languages.

Naranjo boasted that Ingenuity, who joins the ranks of IT companies in the country with global clients, has topnotch programmers who will teach the first batch of students. Eventually, Hackademy will accept students from other schools in the city.

Naranjo pointed out that even some educators need to get themselves updated on the latest in the programming, considering that the computer world is constantly changing.

"Hackademy is Ingenuity's contribution to address this gap and it will collaborate with high schools, government agencies and private organizations to have courses more accessible," the briefer said. "Ingenuity will also pursue a technology platform for Hackademy to broaden its reach."

The executive said the people should take advantage of the computer age, this being an "equalizer" that opens the flood gates for those seeking an opportunity online.

He said even beyond the training, it is important that students learn as these are life skills, which they can use later in life.