REGIONAL State Prosecutor Antonio Arellano has assured all vacant positions at Regional Prosecutor's Office (RPO)-Davao will be filled in before the year ends.

In an interview with Sun.Star Davao, Arellano said that of the 86 plantilla positions for prosecutors in the region, 25 are vacant or a vacancy rate of 29 percent.

Arellano said that despite the lack of prosecutors, the region has been performing well and is still among the top performing prosecution offices in the country.

"We are still doing our job despite the lack of prosecutors but we know that we can do better once all of the positions will be filled up," he said.

Once all the positions are in place, he said they can now provide the "complete complement" of two prosecutors for Regional Trial Court and one for the Municipal Trial Court.

In Davao City, Arellano said that out of the 30 prosecutor positions, 10 are still available.

RPO recorded a total of 4,345 cases, which is composed of 3,329 newly received and 1,016 carry-over from 2014, in the first quarter of 2015.

Arellano said that out of the total cases, 67.64 percent of these are Davao City cases.

But Arellano did not give the number of disposed cases since most of the cases filed were on the third month of the first quarter.

Last 2014, he said the region's prosecution success rate is 87 percent. (KGL)