MICHELLE: We have a lot to be grateful for. Unfortunately, many do not realize their blessings or worse refuse to recognize them. I am grateful to be turning 45. Five more years before I become a golden girl! Gratitude is a magnet. There are two ways of living on earth. We can either grumble or we can be grateful.

DJ: Instead of focusing on what and who I do not have, I resolved to be more conscious about people and things that I have.

The main differentiator is a realization that while there are still dreams I need to conquer and items to check off from my bucket list, I already have everything that I need. I do not have everything. But who has everything?

M: There are some people who can’t be grateful because they are waiting for something big to happen for them to be grateful. Several years ago, while cleaning my files in the office, I saw a card given to me by a friend.

There was no occasion for the card except that he wanted to thank me for our friendship. Grateful people get more of what they’re grateful for.

DJ: It’s surprising that many things we desire are expensive. But when we really pause and see what’s inside our mind and heart, the things that really satisfy us are free—our relationships, laughter, love and being able to work on our passion.

M: Life is not always good. There are many reasons to complain, but must we? I know how difficult it is to be grateful in the midst of trying circumstances like for example having a child with a health concern. My eldest son was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis and had to undergo treatment which included weekly injections.

It pained me when he asked why this happened to him and if he would be healed. I told him that while we do not understand why these things happen, we still have to be grateful because his medical condition was diagnosed early; we have the means to provide for his treatment; and the doctor, a good family friend, is the best in his field and treats him like his own.

DJ: I’ve had my share of days I wished would never end. There were also days when I wished I would simply sleep through them. Everything shall come to pass.

What remains are good memories and the lessons learned. Having this mindset allows me to be grateful and to be thankful always that I am alive. If your outlook in life is a positive one, you will find life easier to deal with. And since you’re the only one who decides on what type of attitude to have, it is infinitely wiser to choose to have a positive attitude.

Give thanks! Happy birthday, Mic!