BOXING is a nasty business, and sometimes, an odd one. Milan Melindo and ALA Promotions were reminded of that in El Metodico's latest fight in Mexico, which saw him lose via a technical six-round decision to Javier Mendoza in Mexico.

Nope, the judges didn't screw up the fight and I think they were spot on in their scores--which were 59-53, 60-52, 60-52, thanks to a deduction--after six rounds. The ref, according to Edito Villamor and Melindo, screwed this one. And Mendoza, too, had a performance worthy of an Oscar, especially during that time he had to shrug off a low blow.

I saw the replay, and if Mendoza's testicles were that high up his waist, then that guy deserves to have a medical check. Interestingly, when Melindo got deducted for a low blow, Mendoza wasn't grimacing in pain, holding on the family jewels to indicate a foul. The ref simply stepped in to stop the fight and had Melindo deducted a point. Was it a foul? Well, the action was obscured by the camera angle, but judging by Mendoza's lack of reaction...

The match was ended after the doctor said Mendoza couldn't continue the fight due to a cut, and here's where Melindo is crying foul. In fact, the ALA fighter seemed puzzled while the scores were being read, as if asking himself, "Why are they going to the scorecard?"

The ALA camp said the ref didn't rule that the cut was caused by an accidental head-butt or a legitimate punch. Head-butt means they go to the scorecard, a legit punch means Melindo is the winner since Mendoza couldn't continue after a punch opened a cut.

Moments like this one makes you feel boxing is pretending to be like golf, where you have to a rule book at hand to determine what you should do.

While watching the replay, one thing popped in my mind. This action-filled fight was certainly more exciting than the $300 million dud in Vegas and with an ending like that, a rematch should be the next thing.

I don’t know ALA Promotions are planning after Pinoy Pride 31 but another edition, this time with Melindo and Mendoza as the main event could be one of the most exciting matches of the year.

Mendoza was in control in that fight, but Melindo was coming on to his own, starting in the fourth round. I wonder what he could do if the fight isn’t prematurely stopped?

Perhaps we’ll find out, in the rematch in Cebu?