DUE to the uncollected pile of trash in the area, the Cebu City Government took over the garbage collection in Barangay Kamputhaw.

In his Facebook post last Sunday, Mayor Tomas Osmeña posted a photo of uncollected garbage along Q.C Pavilion on Gorordo Ave., which is part of Barangay Kamputhaw.

Osmeña warned barangay officials that the City will cancel the P5,000 allowance it has been giving its barangay collectors on top of their salaries from the barangay.

In his news conference on Monday, the mayor said the Department of Public Services (DPS) has already collected the trash in the barangay and will continue to do it daily.

“They refused to collect the garbage because they said it’s the problem of the City Government. We won’t give them allowance anymore, bahala na sila. We will collect the garbage,” he said.

Osmeña said he already received several complaints about the uncollected garbage along Gorordo Ave. and several other areas in the City.

He urged other residents in the city to report uncollected garbage in their areas, so DPS can collect it.

When sought for comment, Kamputhaw Barangay Captain Trifonio Lequigan Jr. said it is already the responsibility of the DPS to collect garbage along Gorordo Ave.

While they have four small garbage trucks, Lequigan said they only collect garbage in the interior portions of their village.

Had it been reported to the barangay, Lequigan said they would have been willing to collect it even if it was already seen along the main thoroughfare of the city.