A PROVINCIAL jail guard stopped an inmate from escaping last Monday.

Inmate Reyan Rosales, 24, was about to leave the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) when the jail guard saw him without a stamp mark on his arm to indicate he was a visitor.

Acting jail warden Romeo Manansala said, “Mopauli na lagi kuno siya sa ilaha sa Ronda (He wanted to go home to Ronda).”

Rosales was with other prisoners at the jail’s quadrangle at past 1 p.m. Later, he passed through the quadrangle gate and was on his way to the main gate when caught.

Monday is not a family day so there were few visitors at the jail.

When guards asked Rosales for an identification card, he couldn’t show any, so they held him.

Later, jail officers identified him as an inmate.

Manansala ordered the guards to place Rosales in solitary confinement while Provincial Jail Guard 1 Elvin Baisac, assigned at the quadrangle gate, was investigated.


“If proven to be negligent, the guard will face charges,” said Manansala.

Manansala believed Rosales took advantage of the busy quadrangle gate while inmates were coming in and out for court hearings.

Manansala said Rosales was jailed last December for drug pushing and drug possession.