TALISAY City Mayor Johnny de los Reyes withheld the productive enhancement incentive (PEI) of some of the City’s regular employees and elected officials for three days after they allegedly failed to attend last Monday’s flag ceremony.

But members of the City Council criticized the move, saying the affected employees and officials were not given due process.

In an order issued yesterday, de los Reyes instructed City Treasurer Emma Macuto to withhold the PEI of employees who failed to attend or left while the mayor was speaking during the flag ceremony. 

The mayor reportedly ordered the distribution of coupons to employees and officials who were present. 

The “coupons” given were in the form of plastic stubs often found in Canker Sore Drops, the mayor’s invention.

Those who have coupons will be first in line in getting their PEIs. 


De los Reyes told reporters that he issued the order because he wanted to discipline erring employees and officials who are frequently absent or leave early during the flag ceremony. 

Kung ikaw kaha ang paistoryaon atubangan sa mga tawo dayun biyaan ka, lalim ba (It’s not easy to speak before a crowd and to have them leave while you’re talking),” he told reporters.

The mayor said he only wanted to teach the erring employees and officials a lesson.

His son City Administrator John Yre’s PEI was also withheld because he missed the flag ceremony.

Of the council members, only Councilors Danilo Caballero, Valeriano Ylanan and Dennis Basillote attended the ceremony.

The younger de los Reyes, in a separate interview, said he was at a baptism. He said he will follow his father’s order.

Council members want the mayor to revoke his order.

They said the order is illegal since it does not follow due process. 

Councilor Richard Francis Aznar questioned the basis of the mayor’s order since there are no exceptions to the release of the PEI.

Even though he was present during the flag ceremony, Caballero also criticized the order.

Vice Mayor Romeo Villarante, who presided over yesterday’s session, urged de los Reyes to revoke his order or it might backfire against him.