THE National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) yesterday said there is no study that will show radiation from cell sites is hazardous to people's health.

But NTC 7 Director Jesus Laureno, speaking at the 888 News Forum, said that the commission only issues a permit or license to operate to telecommunication companies (telcos).

NTC doesn't have control over where telcos install their cellular sites.

“The cell site tower is not under our concern. We just give a license and it's up to them where to install it,” Laureno said.

But he also said that not even the World Health Organization (WHO) released a study about the dangers of radiation in cell sites.

The Cebu City Council earlier revoked the special permits issued to Sun Cellular and Globe Telecommunications, which have cell sites in Sitio Calvary Hills, Barangay Apas, Cebu City.

The Calvary Hills, Apas Residents Association (Charo) complained before the Council that over 20 of their members died from cancer since 2000. They blamed the radiation from the cell sites.

The Council gave the telcos two months to remove the cell sites even when Mayor Michael Rama said that the legislative body lacked the authority to revoke the telcos' permits.

“According to them, radiation can cause cancer. But there is no such report from WHO to prove it,” Laureno said.

However, according to the Department of Health (DOH), radiation can be felt within a three-meter distance.

This is why DOH imposed that cell sites should be fenced.

Laureno believes that if telcos are not allowed to install cell sites within three kilometers of each other, there would be signal problems in most communities.

There are more than 200 cell sites in Cebu.

“Cell sites hand over signals to other cell sites. If there is no cell site in a community, then there is no signal to transmit text messages or make a call,” Laureno said.